Arara-Karara (あらら・からら or 阿?迦羅?)


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Sum it up in a few wordsEdit

Cafe, set lunch, small menu, quiet, dark, rustic. Meals for under 800 with no drink.

What to Expect Edit

This little rustic treasure is a one-man operation during lunch hours. It's easy to miss, as the exterior is unassuming, black in color, and narrow glass storefront. Walking inside, the restaurant will remind one of an European tavern or inn with wooden furniture and interior. The assorted knick knacks on the walls give it a comfortable, homey feeling that will make it easy for those flying solo as well as groups. Tables can accomodate singles, couples, and larger groups of 4. The lighting is subdued and the atmosphere is quiet, great for those who just want to read or study.

How to Find It Edit

This cafe / eatery is located within a minute walk from the East Gate (Higashi-mon) 5 minutes from both Main Gate (seimon) and the North Gate (Kita-mon) of Waseda Campus. It faces a Family Mart and is on the corner of a narrow street lined with restaurants from a variety of ethnic cuisines, all reasonably priced and accessible to both students and the public.

What's On the Menu Edit

The menu is simple and choices very modest. Basically, it offers a light drink menu priced between 450 - 600, including coffee, herbal tea, floats, cola (no other soft drinks), and rum ice tea. Alcohol (beer, wine) is served in the evenings. Light meals offerings are limited to toast and cake. Curry rice with salad, comes in several choices, including pork, chicken, vegetable, and seasonal. Hayashi rice (a type of sweet beef stew) and set lunch (suate pork or scallops) are also available with rice, soup, and salad. With a dinner reservation, substantial dinner course offerings will be had, ranging in price from 2500-4500 yen.

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