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Guide to Restaurants & Eateries (By Category) Edit

  • Bento Shops (Lunch Packs)
  • All-you-can-eat & Buffet (Smorgasbord) Restaurants
  • Cafe & Yoshoku-ya (Japanese-style Western food)
  • Campus Cafeteria or Gakushoku
  • Chinese
  • Curry
  • Fast Food & Shokudo (Japanese-style cafeterias and cheap eateries)
  • French & Italian
  • Fusion & Pacific Asian & Multi-ethnic
  • Hamburger
  • Japanese
    • Donburi (Rice Bowl Dish)
    • Izakaya
    • Nomiya
    • Teishoku (Course meals, set lunches, combination plates, table d'hote)
    • Tonkatsu (Breaded Pork Cutlet)
    • Okinawa
    • Okonomiyaki (Japanese-style pizza)
    • Tempura
    • Soba
    • Sushi
  • Korean
  • Restaurants with a little of everything
  • Ramen & Noodles
  • Sandwich Delicatessen
  • Thai & South Asian
  • Yakiniku

Dives and Where to go for Cheap-eats (meals under 700 yen) Edit


Restaurants & Eateries (Alphabetical Order) Edit

Gems (Restaurant Recommendations) Edit